We make sure your parking services are tailored to your visitors’ needs.


Park ‘N Care provides compassionate valet & specialized front door services dedicated to patients and families with a caring approach, supported by advanced education, and performed in the most ethical and efficient manner.


 We understand how crucial patient care is, which is why Park ‘N Care will function as an extension of the hospital and healing chain. Our trained employees will be there for your patients even after they have been discharged, by asking every patient if they have their proper medication and have had all of their questions answered.

 The safety and care of your patients is of the utmost priority during this stressful time. Our expertise in parking, troubleshooting and problem-solving will allow your focus to remain on quality of care while we take care of the rest. We have the solutions and expertise of a large parking corporation, while functioning like a small business to offer an optimal level of personal assistance. 

At Park ‘N Care we won’t be satisfied until we meet the high standards of the hospital, staff and patients every single time. Let us support you, as you support your patients with Park ‘N Care…hospital parking made simpler. 


Hospital visits are stressful, but at Park ‘N Care we do our part to assist, by creating a seamless entry to the facility.


Patient Engagement

Provides compassionate, memorable patient engagement at their car door 

Joint Commission

Training based on Joint Commission standards. Twenty-two areas of emphasis including: 

  • Infection Control/Blood-Borne Pathogens
  • Emergency Preparation/Codes 
  • Patient Confidentiality 
  • Customer Service Instruction based on the “Environment of Care” guidelines 
  • HIPPA certified 

Reduce Readmissions

Park ‘N Care helps healthcare facilities to reduce patient readmissions

Measures of Performance 

Utilizes proven measures to assure quality of service and retrieval times 


Valet Technology

Designed to ease patient and guest frustration levels.

Features and Benefits

  • Stores vehicle damage history for fast damage inspection of repeat customers 
  • Vehicle-Stay History 
  • Notification of new returns and delays 
  • Key-Handling Tracking 
  • Improved Reporting 
    • Performance Metrics 
    • Auditing 
  • Retrieval Time Guarantees