A key Aspect Of Our System Design Was Our Decision To Reduce Costs At Every Turn.

  • Capital costs drop an average of 30-40%, and operating costs can drop as much as 40-50%
  • Quicker turnaround times for repairs almost eliminate downtime losses
  • Time to repair drops from six weeks or more to just a few hours since parts are available locally.


Providing A Great Experience Through A Fully-Integrated, Modern System Was The Next Step.

  • All of our systems and offerings work together as a unit
  • Integrated: reservations, pricing, payments, and loyalty programs. You can even support split payments.
  • Interacts with smart phones for our gates, reservations and payments.
  • It’s a 21st century system with the ability to interact via RFIDs, kiosks, smart phones and tablets are all built in.


And it’s scalable, so it’s easily added to any number of locations and branded as needed.

  • From 1 location to 1 thousand locations, we scale with your needs.
  • We offer integrated services which make sharing and partnering easy.


Our system provides tremendous business support via precise rate control and reporting.

  • Centralized rate control means everything is always up-to-date.
  • Pricing for loyalty and corporate discount programs is centralized and can be adjusted as needed. Your location will automatically
    incorporate the updates.
  • Detailed reporting ensures that you always know what’s working for your business and customers.
  • Centralized system provides more than 30 ways to view marketing channel data. You’ll know immediately the offers that appeal to your customers and those that don’t.